What differentiates ATARÉS from other mosaics?

What differentiates ATARÉS from other mosaics?

From its origins, the artistic and decorative mosaic has been presented with a variety of styles and materials. Thanks to its patented technique that combines craftsmanship and technology, ATARÉS has created a different and contemporary concept of this covering: a true “natural stone collage”.

Types of mosaics

When designing a space, there are several styles of mosaics to use as coverings. We analyze them below.

Classic mosaics

In this category, we highlight Roman and Byzantine style mosaics, originated in antiquity.

The Roman are composed by tesserae (marble pieces that make up the mosaic), with cubic form and usually made of marble and natural stone, although certain colors are made with glass paste.

The tesserae that create the Byzantine mosaics can be made of marble but also by other materials, such as polychromed baked clay with glass paste. Tesserae can be cubic with different colors and shapes, creating specific shapes.

The range of designs goes from animals and people to geometric figures and borders.

types of mosaics atares

Glass and gresite mosaics

Its design usually has a pixelated tesserae effect, with shapes creating the contours of a certain figure, or directly photoprinted on the pixelated base. Because of being a manufactured material, both types of mosaic can be of different colors.

types of mosaics atares

The difference between the glass and gresite mosaics is that the first one is made with glass, meanwhile the second one is composed by tiles or ceramic pieces.

Natural stone mosaics

The use of stone allows to reach the essence of nature on a very different way to glass or ceramics. Being a material available to mosaicists since its inception, it has always been considered the original material to create artistic mosaics for floors and walls.

– Waterjet mosaics

The so-called waterjet mosaic uses specific machinery to allow a cut that follows a certain design. The result is finishings that combine marble from different colors but with a flat design, not being possible to make volume or gradients effects.

types of mosaics atares

 ATARÉS Mosaics

In ATARÉS, we have created a new contemporary and differentiated concept from the other mosaics.

With cubic pieces of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm, we are able to make designs with the veins and tones of the marble itself, thanks to our patented technique that links craftsmanship with technology.

This method allows to make designs such as natural gradients and even photorealism, creating true “collages of natural marble”.

types of mosaics atares

It is a unique concept in the world, impossible to copy with other techniques like waterjet and with the own expression of nature, unlike vitreous mosaics or gresite.

The technique allows to create in a level of detail even for the creation of photorealistic portraits to hang on a wall of less than 1 m2.

types of mosaics atares

In this way, ATARÉS Mosaics makes it possible to totally customize the design with the shades of the stone, being able to create even logos for commercial spaces.

types of mosaics atares

In addition, ATARÉS has pixelated designs with these small tiles that can be adapted to all types of projects, but always maintaining our values: natural, unique, and the eternity of marble. As well as an upcoming collection of customizable 3D mosaics.

Acknowledgments to ATARÉS’ mosaic

In the design sector, ATARÉS has been awarded internationally.

In December of 2015, ATARÉS was finalist in the Best of Year awards of the magazine Interior Design in New York. It was in the category of “Innovative Wallcovering” thanks to the proposal of a photorealistic marble mosaic.

types of mosaics ataresIn November 2016, during the celebration of Boutique Design New York (BDNY), where ATARÉS participated as an exhibitor, the firm was named finalist in the Best of BDNY awards with “Angular Mosaic” proposal.

Regarding the art sector, two projects stand out.

ATARÉS made a marble mosaic portrait of His Highness King Felipe VI, which was presented to Her Highness Queen Letizia Ortiz.

types of mosaics atares

ATARÉS made a tribute to Alfredo Di Stefano, emblematic player of Real Madrid. The work was presented to Don Emilio Butragueño, historical player and current Director of Institutional Relations of the club, in the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

types of mosaics atares