The difference between Modern and Contemporary Style

The difference between Modern and Contemporary Style

Although sometimes they are used as if they meant the same, Modern and Contemporary are two different styles of creating interior spaces. We analyze their differences and their design possibilities.

The Modern style is a type of interiorism whose origin is around 1950s and represents a more stable appearance and style, with right angles, intentional asymmetry and use of cement, brick and steel.

On the other hand, Contemporary style is a much more dynamic concept, because it mixes new materials and combinations, and it is defined by what it is trendy nowadays.

The difference between Mondern and Contemporary

A remarkable fact, which can lead to missunderstand these two concepts, is that many current trends are based on Modern design, which can make Contemporary and Modern two very similar styles. Nevertheless, as trends are continually evolving, these two styles will very different from each other in some years.

Contemporary and Modern Interior Design

The interiors of Modern style follow a more strict characteristics, with a structured format and using neutral colors. Historically, artistic styles such as Cubism, Futurism or Expressionism have served as inspiration for interior designers when creating spaces with this style.

The difference between Mondern and Contemporary

On the other hand, the spaces created following the Contemporary style have more variations. Their main features are curved shapes, versatility and colors of the whole chromatic scale.

The difference between Mondern and Contemporary

A common characteristic of both styles is that they tend to favor simple, uncluttered spaces with smooth, clean lines and an artistic touch.

Contemporary marble coverings by ATARÉS

Innovation, versatility, experimentation or using natural materials again are the main features of Contemporary design. In addition, because of being a dynamic concept that is constantly evolving, one of the Contemporary interior design hallmarks is the creation of unique spaces.

The difference between Mondern and Contemporary

These values are shared by the marble coverings of ATARÉS. With a range of styles that goes from abstract to photorealism, current trends can be made with marble thanks to our patented method. Also, because of this innovation, colors, textures and several finishes can be combined, creating unique spaces with the last trends.