Our patented method: Natural Marble Collage

Our patented method: Natural Marble Collage

Taking a step further the millenary mosaics tradition thanks to the new technology of ATARÉS, it is possible to design with the veins, tones and textures of the natural stone as never before.

Winner of design awards, the in-house developed technique allows to design with the textures, tones and veins of the marble itself, managing to create even photorealistic designs in natural marble, without dying or printing on the stone.

For this reason, each mosaic is one-of-a-kind and timeless as the stone that composes it. That is why, along with every mosaic, a signed Certificate of Authenticity and Exclusivity is delivered.

The technique has been recognized with several awards, such as Best of Boutique Design New York 2016 Finalist by “Angled Marble Mosaic”Best Of Year 2015 Honoree by Interior Design Magazine, y Certificate of Excellence by Material ConneXion Library in 2015.

Mosaics are made in Spain with European marble, being cut in tesserae (marble pieces) of 1 x 1 x 1 cm.

 Types of mosaics

Our mosaics are integrated in commercial, hospitality and private spaces through different applications:

Unique Marble Texture

Coverings: walls and murals, floors, kitchens and moist environments such as Spa, bathrooms and swimming pools.

-Furniture finishing.

-Decorative artwork for Home Decor and Gift – Buy Online.

-Special mosaic artworks.


ATARÉS Mosaics has its own collections of coverings, from abstract to photorealistic designs, as well as framed Home Decor and gifts pieces.

Additionally, there is a framed mosaic portfolio designed by Vicente Atarés, the artist creator of the technique.

Unique Marble Texture

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Apart from collections, ATARÉS allows to custom its designs for several applications. This way, clients and interior designers can adapt a design or reproduce a certain image, graphic design, logo or texture.

ATARÉS can make gradients in more tan 200 gray tones and give advise to professionals to combine marbles of different colors and quarries, making a different design, creative and original.

Unique Marble Texture

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The patented method

Working the marble as a combination of sculpture, collage and photography techniques, the method is composed of several stages, which can be seen in the following video and are detailed below:

1.- We start with slabs of natural marble, one-centimeter-thick and polished on one side.

2.- We then cut the slabs into tesserae of 1 x 1 x 1 cm

3.- Afterwards, we optically analyse the tones of each single tessera, before storing the millions of them.

Unique Marble Texture

4.- We painstakingly analyse the design desired to be created. Every single last detail of the original design is represented by the tessera that best reproduces it, chosen from millions of tesserae analysed with the help of our software.

Unique Marble Texture

5.- Our artists the study the digital composition proposed for the mosaic and substitute some tesserae one by one to enhance the initial proposal.

6.- A robot places the tesserae finally chosen, one by one, to shape the mosaic.

7.- Then, expert mosaicists retouch the finish before setting the mosaic.

Unique Marble Texture

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This method, hallmark of ATARÉS, makes it possible to express ourselves with natural stone as never before.