Marble Trends in Interior Design in 2017 (Part I)

Marble Trends in Interior Design in 2017 (Part I)

Marble has always been a reference material for design professionals and their projects. The main design trends of this natural stone during 2017 are analyzed in this post.

Marble always gives a distinctive touch to the ambient in which is integrated. Although it has been used in classic design and even as a raw material for sculptures since ancient times, it does not mean that this natural stone is an old fashioned material, but quite the opposite. Nowadays, design professionals create contemporary spaces using marble, where it gives its characteristic elegance. Whether it is a public space, hotel or private residence, it is common to find this natural stone in many interiors.

Spaces: baths, showers and SPAs

Marble can be used in the design of many different spaces thanks to its characteristics and versatility. The environments where it is best incorporated are moist places, such as bathrooms, showers or spas. Although marble is a porous natural stone, there are many solutions that allow this material to be used in this kind of spaces without any problem.

In these spaces, there have always been predominant traditional style designs in white and light tones.

For this year 2017, this trend will continue although there will be new developments with modern influences. Among these new proposals are the contemporary mosaics of ATARÉS, an innovative resource for interior design in marble.

Perfect for decorating moist spaces with its polished and sealed finishes, the new ATARÉS collections include geometric inspirations such as STRINGS and figurative like NATURE, which represents perfect styles for these water environments such as the WATERFALL monochromatic design.

Furniture: a unique finish

Thanks to its versatility, marble is widely used as furniture finish. This trend will be more popular during this year.

But what does marble bring to a piece of furniture? Regarding functionality, it confers the characteristics of natural stone, such as, its durability and easy maintenance. Aesthetically, it provides a high quality and unique texture, which is unrepeatable and elegant.

ATARÉS can adapt the application of natural marble in furniture through marble mosaics. This adaptation includes customizing not only the size and colors, but also the design of its veins and tones inherent in marble.

Colors: White and gray tones

During 2017 the use of marble in interior design for creating monochromatic styles will continue. Mainly, through soft contrasts along with shades of white and grays of different intensities, although without ruling out the use of black for certain cases.

As it is a natural material, the specific tones have to be obtained from certain types of marble- in the same way that we select our marble by tones at ATARÉS-. More specifically, it is obtained from certain quarries or areas.

Regarding white and gray tones, in both veined or not veined stones, a popular resource is the famous Italian white Carrara marble, although another option is the white Macael marble from Almería. Referring to the darker tones, we recommend the Basque black Marquina marble.

In addition, architects, interior designers and decorators increasingly like to use in their designs marble with veins, highlighting the natural essence of stone.

ATARÉS is specialized in making gradients in more than 200 gray tones of natural marble and designing with the veins inherent in it. Our mosaics go beyond the classic mosaics. With ATARÉS mosaics, abstract and even customized photorealistic designs can be made. It is also possible to make combinations of different types of marbles, creating an integrated design that fits with the environment that is intended to be created. These factors make this marble proposal a creative, original and never seen before one.

We make the work of design professionals easier, looking for the gray and white marble tones that better fit on their designs.

Discover more trends in the use of marble in 2017 in our next post.