Marble Trends in Interior Design in 2017 (Part II)

Marble Trends in Interior Design in 2017 (Part II)

We continue our last post about design trends with this natural stone in 2017.

Thanks to its natural and uniqueness features, marble has always been a reference material for interior designers, architects and decorators.

Walls and Floor: geometric and natural designs

Geometric designs that will predominate in 2017 will be the combinations of grids and diamonds. These coating designs will have as main colors white and black, following the monochromatic trend that we commented in our last post, giving a distinctive touch to the space.

Marble Trends 2017

ATARÉS Mosaics has created new versions of classic geometries made in marble mosaics, with a contemporary design thanks to its technique in natural marble.

This implies unlimited possibilities in the creation of patterns and geometries by means of natural marble gradients, developing a contemporary concept that differentiates with the classic patterns and borders of marble mosaics or cut with water-jet.

In addition, it is possible to combine these gradients with other marble colors, both in mosaic form (as in our NEO collection) or with slabs directly. Through these combinations, designs that contrast classic and contemporary design are created.

Marble Trends 2017

In contrast to the geometric style, organic inspirations and nature will also play an important role. Textures and images of nature and vegetation will be used for the decoration of indoor spaces such as offices or hotel lobbies, creating a connection between the space and the natural environment.

NATURE is the ATARÉS collection of this trend. Through new textures in natural marble, photorealistic murals that represent textures of a tree bark, clouds, water and even a waterfall in the jungle. Designed for murals of large surfaces, these designs manage to combine nature and contemporary design.

Also our mosaic technique allows us to make customized designs, as it is explained below. This means that any natural texture can be designed upon request and used to complete a space.

Customization: a design must

An interior design project is unique: both the space and its characteristics vary on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, it is very common for the designer to specify that materials and finishes can be completely adapted to create the space that satisfies and even impresses the client.

Marble has proved to be a versatile material that can adapt to the designer’s specifications and necessities. This trend will continue during 2017 regarding, floors, walls and furniture finishing.

ATARÉS Mosaics are a completely new custom option in natural marble. ATARÉS marble design concept has been awarded with several distinctions in New York in recent years, such as the Best of Year Honoree in 2015 by Interior Design Magazine or the latest one as finalist at Best of Boutique Design Fair (BDNY) in November 2016.

Marble Trends 2017

The versatility of creating any concept with the texture and tone of this natural stone is a very attractive option for interior designers and architects. Using ATARÉS as a resource it is possible to create walls and floors with patterns, geometries, organic designs with natural gradients or even personalized photographs in natural marble. All of these design options makes the adaptation to each kind of project, hospitality, residential or commercial, a reality.

Marble Trends 2017

The craftsmanship value

The uniqueness of handmade is getting more valued in front of industrial and repetitive processes, which are a number of identical designs. This year, craftsmanship will continue to have a crucial role.

ATARÉS aligns with the craftsmanship with marble. When our contemporary mosaics are made, our mosaicists, along with the latest technology, select the best tesserae among millions depending on the tones needed. Although technology has an important role during the process, it is the expertise of our artisans and the handmade finish they give to each mosaic what ensures the excellence of our works and projects. See the video of our method.

Marble Trends 2017

Summing up, in 2017 marble will continue to be a trendy material in interior design, thanks to its exceptional technical qualities. In addition, due to its versatility, it can be to the space that decorates from a sophisticated and classic touch to contemporary, modern and innovative styles. This combination of styles is one of the hallmarks of the ATARÉS natural marble mosaic collections.

Through mosaic designs with natural stone gradients never seen before, photorealism or innovative patterns, ATARÉS gives to interior designers, decorators and architects an original resource that opens new limits on the creativity of the design of spaces in natural stone, using exclusively the tones and veins of the marble itself.