Marble Portraits

Marble Portraits

Created exclusively through the veins and tones of the natural stone, the marble made portraits are a completely new artistic concept.

Framed mosaics

They make a reality the possibility to eternize a person using natural stone thanks to the patented “marble collage” technique. ATARÉS can make photorealistic mosaics, as framed mosaics to be hung on wall, smaller than 10 sq ft.

marble mosaics portraits

Portraits are one of the hallmarks of ATARÉS, that makes commissions as tribute, gift or decorative art.

Our firm has extensive experience in portrait making, with a range that goes from wedding anniversaries or iconic personalities such as Audrey Hepburn to Head of State’s portraits.

marble mosaics portraits

A one-of-a-kind-portrait

Our raw material, natural stone, is unique.

Our technique is only possible when craftsmanship meets innovation (discover more about our unique and patented technique). Tesserae (marble pieces) that compose the artwork are carefully chosen among millions previously cut, so the image can be accurately represented.

Because of that, each of our mosaics is also unique. When observed carefully, it is possible to see that there are not two identic tesserae. Even if we make two mosaics of the same portrait, both would have the same photorealistic quality, but they always be different because the unique veins and tones of natural stone. They are authentic “natural marble collages”

In addition, every ATARÉS mosaic is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity and Exclusivity, including information about the number of tesserae used among others.

Emblematic Portraits

Here are some of the most emblematic portraits we have done.

marble mosaics portraits

marble mosaics portraits

Bespoke Commissions

ATARÉS can reproduce with the shades of the stone itself any photograph with gray, white and black marble.

How to make a custom order? It is very easy.

The client sends us the picture of the portrait that want to get in mosaic, as well as the desired size and shape. Once studied the image, we send several cropped image proposals and different price options to choose from.

marble mosaics portraits

Once the mosaic is done, it is sent by courier and delivered in a single piece ready to be hung on the wall and provided with a simple instruction manual. Its installation is like it were a mirror.

marble mosaics portraits

Find out more about the bespoke commission options by clicking here or learn more about the options and projects examples by requesting our Commissions Portfolio.