Logos created using the veins and tones of the marble itself

Logos created using the veins and tones of the marble itself

Thanks to the technique of ATARÉS Mosaics, it is possible to customize logos, brands and letters using the textures and tones of the marble itself. A creative option unique in the market and very durable for public spaces, commercial and office design.

Why a logo made of marble?

Currently there is a wide variety of possibilities to draw attention and transmit the value of a brand or business to its clients. The options of materials to create a logo, symbols or letters vary from vinyl and digital impression to corporeal letters with volume of artificial materials such as the PVC to natural ones like wood. Most of them are made with an industrial and standardized finish that is customized.

ATARÉS wanted to offer an alternative for those who look for a different solution, with a craft, original and one-of-a-kind component, as it is the natural stone.


The durability of the marble makes its applications very versatile, without requiring any special care, so that the client, graphic designer or interior designer can integrate it into:

-Wall, as a “poster”

-Integrated in a mosaic wall, so the continuity effect is achieved (see the picture)

-Integrated in the floor

-Integrated in furniture: on a counter or countertop, among other options.

Custom marble logos

It is a perfect choice for:

-Public spaces

-Retail and comercial design, showcases


-Hotel’s lobbies and halls

-Bathrooms, SPAs and moist environments

Design and custom options

In this post, using the logo of Interiors From Spain as an example – with whom we participated in the last edition of the trade show Boutique Design New York – we show the variety of possibilities:

Custom marble logos

Possible designs

In our mosaics, we use tesserae –marble pieces- of 1cm³, and offer two possible textures:

VEINS:  the veins and tones of the stone create the design

Custom marble logos

Custom marble logos

The main characteristic of this texture is that we reproduce the desiered logo reordering the natural veining of the stone. Thanks to this patented technique, it is posible to create volume effects in the logos.







PIXELS: Stone gradients as pixels

Custom marble logos

A more contemporary style of the traditional mosaic, making it recognizable thanks to the pixel gradients that are made with our technique.

Finish possibilities: shiny, matte or polished and sealed

We offer several options, depending on how the client wants to draw attention with the reflects of the mosaic:

– Shiny (to draw attention): depending on the light and angle from where the logo is observed, the tesserae reflect the light individually. Very interesting for stores and retail design.

– Matte: (discreet): without shine.

– Polished and sealed: the effect is a uniform shine of the whole piece. Perfect for moist environments.

Custom marble logos

Once the design and finish of the mosaic is decided, with the image of the logo and the desired size, ATARÉS will prepare a budget adapted to your needs.