Art and Nature: Zaha Hadid

Art and Nature: Zaha Hadid

Famous worldwide, Zaha Hadid was probably the most influential architect of recent times.


In all of her projects, the main feature of Zaha Hadid is clear: connect art and nature through design. By forms, materials and innovation the project is aligned with the surrounding environment, thus achieving harmony with nature.

It is precisely this goal of connecting art and nature what ATARÉS has in common with Zaha Hadid. Through natural marble, we enable architects and interior designers to incorporate nature to their projects. Thanks to our method, we are able to develop, both small hyperrealistic mosaics (which are less than 10 sq feet size) as well as wallcoverings and wall art for larger spaces and furniture finishings.

Our favourites projects developed by the studio are the next ones:

Guangzhou Opera House


Framed in a natural landscape and next to a river, explicitly seeks interaction between environment and architecture. The design had as main influence river valleys and how they are transformed due to erosion.

Guangzhou_Opera_House Zaha Hadid

City of Dreams Hotel Tower Macau, China


Still under construction, this future luxury hotel consists of two towers connected by bridges. Its exterior structure simulates an exoskeleton. Inside, it will have facilities of the highest level.

Macau China City of Dreams Zaha Hadid

Monsoon Restaurant Sapporo


Fire and ice: through play of colors and contrasts, the contrast between two elements of nature is sought. The shapes and colors of the chairs evoke ice edges, while the ceilings have as its main theme the fire. This innovative concept for interior designs undoubtedly connects nature and architecture.

monsoon restaurant sapporo Zaha Hadid

Sheikh Zayed Bridge Abu Dhabi


Linking functionality and art, this bridge connects Abu Dhabi with the Gulf Coast. Making use of the so characteristic curved shape in many of her projects, the bridge seeks to connect with the surrounding environment.

Sheikh_Zayed_Bridge UAE Zaha Hadid

Pabellón Puente Zaragoza


Symbol of the event in our home city, the Pabellón Puente was one of the main entrances to the Expo2008 in Zaragoza. Through its dynamic and fluid design, it reflects the values of the event: water and sustainable development.

pabellon puente blog